$5,456,896 Verdict

The Plaintiff was admitted to the Shock Trauma unit of Prince George’s Hospital Center with a leg injury. The surgery to relieve a blood clot in the leg was not performed in time, resulting in the Plaintiff’s leg having to be amputated at the hip. The Defendant contended that the leg was lost not because of delay in relieving the blood clot in the artery but because of extensive injury to venous system in area of pelvis and left leg. The jury returned a verdict of $5,456,896.

$3,497,270.97 Verdict

The largest medical malpractice verdict in Calvert County history. The injured party suffered a perforated colon as a result of improper gynecologic surgery. She was forced to undergo numerous corrective surgeries and was left with permanent medical complications and scars. The verdict was reached after the jury deliberated over two days, spending the majority of their time discussing the lifetime award for the injured party.

$862,832.26 Verdict

The jury considered this case where a gentleman went in for routine prostate surgery but suffered complications which resulted in him spending a month in ICU and suffering a cardiac arrest. He survived the arrest and was transferred to a second hospital for treatment and recovery. The entire recovery period lasted months and the injured party was left with permanent impairment. The jury determined the medical providers failed to appreciate and treat the substantial bleeding of the Plaintiff in the post operative period.

Seven Figure Settlement

The Plaintiff suffered a perforated colon during routine polyp removal. The perforation was not discovered for days and the Plaintiff’s condition declined without appropriate intervention. She suffered multiple medical complications including a stroke which left her disabled for life. A life care analysis was performed which estimated the economic losses to the Plaintiff at $2,250,000.00. The parties agreed upon a confidential settlement which provided a lump sum payment and lifetime care to the Plaintiff.

Seven Figure Settlement

The Plaintiffs were operated on by same orthopaedic surgeon several hours apart for a vertebroplasty procedure (insertion of glue into spinal cord). The glue was inserted too quickly and was not properly monitored by x-ray equipment and it exited the spinal canal into the blood stream, eventually going to lungs and causing death. The cases were settled for seven figures and the file was sealed.

Seven Figure Settlement

The Plaintiff developed post-partum preeclampsia after the birth of her second child and was rehospitalized several days after birth. She was kept overnight and released. Four days later, she suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. The relationship between the post-partum preeclampsia and the stroke was significantly questioned and the case settled for seven figures prior to trial and was sealed with a confidentiality provision.


The Plaintiff developed a cancerous saliva gland and was examined by ENT specialist, general dentist, and oral surgeon, all of whom misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose the condition. The stage of cancer seen by the Defendants when diagnosing the plaintiff was was seriously questioned. The treating surgeon at Johns Hopkins indicated he found stage four cancer when he saw the Plaintiff and said it would have been stage four even if found by Defendants earlier. The case settled in three parts prior to trial and was sealed with confidentiality agreement.


The Plaintiff was a patient at the Washington Hospital Center where he had just undergone significant vascular surgery. He was taken to operatory to put in main line and during the procedure the Defendant failed to maintain the airway and the plaintiff suffocated to death. The case settled before trial and was sealed. A vascular surgeon agreed to testify against the defendant and testified in deposition that the Defendant caused the death.

Seven Figure Settlement

The Plaintiff had suffered a ruptured esophagus and was misdiagnosed as suffering from pancreatitis and released from care. The plaintiff was taken to the hospital by ambulance three days later but did not survive due to a massive infection that had taken over their body. The case settled prior to trial and resulted in a settlement of seven (7) figures.

Seven Figure Settlement

The Plaintiff developed post-partum preeclampsia after the birth of her second child and was rehospitalized several days after birth. She was kept overnight and released. Four days later, she suffered a stroke and was rushed to the hospital. The relationship between the post-partum preeclampsia and the stroke was significantly questioned and the case settled for seven figures prior to trial and was sealed with a confidentiality provision.

Seven Figure Settlement/Verdict

The decedent arrived at the hospital bleeding from GI tract and was improperly treated by an internist, the ER, the gastroenterologist, and the ICU specialist which resulted in the decedent bleeding to death while in the ICU. The case settled with three health care providers shortly before trial and the remaining health care provider was tried. The ultimate recovery exceeded $1,000,000.

$97,500 Settlement

This case involved a dental malpractice claim against an orthodontist who kept the minor Plaintiff in braces for approximately 10 years. Proper treatment was surgery which she had after leaving care of Defendant. The Plaintiff was caused to be kept in braces unnecessarily through her entire teen years.


Malpractice claim for failure to properly interpret and report the results of a pap smear. The malpractice resulted in the death of a 26 year old woman. The case was tried to verdict and later settled and sealed before appeal.

$1,230,000 Settlement

This case settled prior to trial for $1,230,000 and involved a 32-year-old female who died after giving birth to second child due to the failure of the doctor to repair her lacerated spleen. This brought up the issue of purported common law husband’s rights in Maryland to sue for death of decedent.


This case was settled and sealed prior to trial. It was a novel issue of who proper parties sue in a case where a young female was diagnosed as terminal but still living. The case discussed what, if anything, the children and husband are entitled to prior to death or if Wrongful Death Action is only available after mother dies.

$128,349.33 Verdict

This case involved a medical malpractice action for failure to diagnose a ruptured appendix. The Defendant doctor discharged the Plaintiff before performing appropriate tests and dismissed the Plaintiff as suffering from a sexually transmitted disease.

$5,942,542 Verdict

In Washington D.C.’s Superior Court, upheld by the appeals court, against health care providers for their failure to treat a blood clot before it permanently injured the client’s spinal cord.

$5,175,000 Settlement

For a client who was not delivered in time by the midwife and doctors to prevent the baby’s irreversible brain injury from lack of oxygen.

$5,000,000 settlement

For a client injured when her mother’s labor and delivery was negligently managed.

$4,500,000 Settlement

For a newborn permanently injured when the health care providers ignored warning signs that required a timely cesarean section.

$4,150,000 Settlement

For a newborn permanently injured when the health care providers ignored warning signs that required a timely cesarean section.

$4,100,000 Settlement

For a child injured when the health care providers did not treat her for a suspected bacterial infection and allowed that infection to become bacterial meningitis, which caused permanent and lasting brain damage.

$4,000,000 Verdict

For a mother and child injured when the treating midwife did not call in the obstetrician to deliver the baby before the baby suffered permanent brain injury.  The jury allocated 70% of the fault to the midwife.

$3,750,000 Verdict

For the family of a man who died when his primary care physician did not diagnose his lung cancer for over 20 months.  The verdict was reduced under Maryland’s arbitrary cap on non-economic damages.

$3,500,000 Settlement

For a newborn permanently injured when the health care providers ignored warning signs that required a timely cesarean section.

$3,000,000 Settlement

On behalf of a husband and wife for permanent injuries sustained by the husband when the health care providers delayed the surgical procedure that he needed until it was too late.

$1,200,000 Settlement

On behalf of the surviving husband and children and the estate of a woman who died when the health care providers did not treat her elevated blood pressures and other prenatal concerns until she suffered a brain bleed, from which she died.

$1,000,000 Settlement

On behalf of a client injured by the surgeon during a gall bladder removal surgery.

$1,000,000 Settlement

On behalf of the surviving children and the estate of a woman who died during a surgical procedure, when the physician negligently punctured a vein and then did not recognize it for hours, allowing the woman to bleed to death.

Over $700,000

On behalf of the parents of a newborn whose condition was improperly treated, resulting in the newborn’s death.

$700,000 Settlement

For the parents of a 24 month old who died when the hospital did not diagnose pneumonia that was seen on the x-ray and treat it properly.

$700,000 Settlement

On behalf of the surviving children of a woman who had a blood clot but who did not receive the necessary medications to prevent the blood clot from moving to her lungs.

$455,000 Settlement

For a young adult who was thrown from his wheelchair because of his care provider’s negligence, fracturing his femur and requiring surgical procedures.

$6,000,000 Settlement

Obtained for quadriplegic injured in motor vehicle accident.

$2,884,500 Verdict

Obtained for family of man killed in a construction site accident.

Seven Figure Settlement

Obtained in product liability action for brake failure in automobile.


Obtained in automobile accident wrongful death action for family of an individual struck on Route 50.

Eight Figure Settlement

This case settled at beginning of the trial for $20,100,000 and a structure was used that will pay the Plaintiffs over $125,000,000 in their lifetime. It was a novel case dealing with issues of product liability, innkeeper liability and punitive damages.


Washington Gas Light inspected homeowner’s stove and indicated that it could not be repaired and must be replaced and the homeowner indicated they could not afford to replace it. The gas company did not remove stove and did not shut off the gas to stove, causing gas to escape from defective burners into the kitchen when then ignited, killing one child and severely burning two others. The case was settled and sealed after one week of trial. A structured settlement was used to ensure the welfare of the surviving children for the remainder of their lives.

Six Figure Settlement

An employee of a subcontractor for Sears came to the home of the Plaintiff’s mother and raped the Plaintiff. The employee had a long criminal record and questions of what, if any, investigation into the employee’s background by the subcontractor were asked prior to hiring. The case was settled with the subcontractor at beginning of the trial for $500,000. The case against Sears was resolved just as the jury was returning with verdict.

Six Figure Verdict

This case dealt with a premises liability action involving a bilateral shoulder injury that occurred when the Plaintiff fell through a pier owned by the Defendants. The issue of liability was seriously contested and after several days of litigation the jury returned a verdict of $394,900.

$153,800 verdict

Obtained for a store owner who was improperly detained in his jewelry store by six police officers. The evidence showed the store owner went to his store to let his guard dog relieve itself. He was approached by several members of the police department and asked why he was at the store. He explained it was his store and they used his keys to enter the store. The officers nonetheless handcuffed the store owner and detained him in his store for approximately one hour while the officers rummaged through the jewelry store, stole cash and threatened him with a revolver. The incident was captured on the owner’s surveillance cameras.


Obtained for property owners for the shooting death of their family dog by Prince George’s County Sheriffs. Sheriffs were attempting to serve a warrant on an individual and went to the wrong address. The occupants advised the officers of their mistake and requested the officers allow them to bring the family dog inside as it was barking. The Sheriffs denied this request and prohibited the homeowners from moving about their home or securing their dog. Officers thereafter shot and killed the family dog – a mixed breed Labrador Retriever.


The case involved Sheriffs seeking to serve an alleged warrant on an individual. When they arrived at the house the occupants – a young woman, her mother and her 2-year-old daughter – advised the Sheriffs the person they were looking for was not a resident of the home. They further advised the Sheriffs where the individual they were looking for lived and worked. The Sheriffs nonetheless detained the homeowners for more than an hour and prior to leaving the residence threatened the homeowner in front of her 2-year-old child. The homeowner requested to see a copy of the warrant. Sheriffs did not produce the warrant. It was discovered through litigation the Sheriffs did not possess a valid search warrant.

Six Figure Settlement

The parents of a young man who was strangled by six police officers brought a wrongful death/civil rights claim. The evidence showed a young man was involved in a car accident and left the scene of the accident. Police officers found him several blocks away at his home. A confrontation ensued and six police officers apprehended and handcuffed the young man. He died during the confrontation and the officers and police department alleged the death was due to positional asphyxia. An autopsy was performed and the medical examiner determined the cause of death was homicide secondary to asphyxiation. The medical evidence on autopsy demonstrated the young man had been strangulated by the police officers. Three independent witnesses testified they saw the police strangle the decedent.


A young man and his friend were sitting on their front porch one evening. A local police officer approached the young men and asked them what they were doing. They responded they were not doing anything and the officer exited his car and asked the young men if they were getting smart with him. They said no. The officer then walked onto the porch and punched one of the men in the face. Neither of the men took any action against the officer. The young man was taken to the hospital and received stitches to his mouth. Through discovery, the Plaintiffs introduced testimony from a fellow police officer that the Defendant officer admitted to the attack and bragged about similar attacks on other young men in the community.

Jordan, et ux. v. Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company, et al.

On January 17, 2006 Vincent Jordan, Sr. and his son, Vincent Jordan, Jr. were fishing on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay on their vessel – the Linda Lee. They set their nets across the channel near the Key Bridge. Before the Linda Lee began to pull her nets she called to other traffic in the waterway, particularly a tug pushing a barge some distance away. Mr. Jordan’s calls were not answered and his vessel proceeded across the channel.
The Linda Lee had crossed the channel and was pulling her final nets when she was struck by the barge/tug which had previously not responded to the calls. The vessel was capsized and the Jordans as well as one crew member were thrust into the icy waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The Jordans waited for rescue vessels to arrive but unfortunately they arrived too late for Vincent Jordan, Sr. and he died. Vince Jr. and the crew member were successfully rescued.
Amazingly the owners of the barge filed suit against Mrs. Jordan for damage to the barge when it struck (and sank) the Linda Lee. Mrs. Jordan and her son filed a maritime action in Maryland Federal Court seeking damages for wrongful death, injuries and pain and suffering. The matter was litigated for some time before it eventually settled for a confidential sum. The Jordans did not pay for the damage to the barge.

Morris v. John Doe Barge

Mr. Morris was crabbing off a dock in Maryland waters. He was tending to his pots when a captain lost control of a barge that was sent crashing into the dock where Mr. Morris was crabbing. A portion of the dock was destroyed and Mr. Morris was sent into the waters of the bay. He was able to pull himself to safety and emergency personnel arrived.
Mr. Morris received medical treatment for the injuries he suffered. He was unable to return to the water for some time due to the trauma associated with this incident. Attempts were made to negotiate with the responsible party but the initial settlement offer was less than Mr. Morris’ expenses. A suit was drafted and the responsible party began further negotiations. The matter settled shortly thereafter.

Skogebo v. Vichich, et al.

This matter involved a crash between two jet skis. The Defendant failed to follow the “rules of the road” applicable to maritime navigation and struck the Plaintiff’s jet ski at a high rate of speed. The Plaintiff’s leg was broken and he was rescued from the water before being transported by a medivac helicopter to a shock trauma unit. We filed suit in Federal Court to recover for the injuries received by the Plaintiff. A settlement was reached before trial.